Over 500 Staffers Will Be Dispatched by Justice Department to Polling Locations

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Election Day is upon us and tensions are spreading quickly throughout polling locations across the United States. In fact, the Justice Department is worried there may be voter intimidation and voting irregularities at many of these locations. That is why over 500 staffers from the Justice Department are being dispersed to 28 different states on Election Day to monitor polling locations that they feel are the biggest risk for having voting problems.

According to officials from the Justice Department, their staffers are being spread throughout 67 jurisdictions so they can look out for any potential civil rights violations and other voting issues. This decision was mainly based on the series of threats that numerous white nationalists have made about intimidating people to change their votes. These white nationalists are supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Another reason for the federal government getting involved is because of the new voting rights laws that some states have made since the 2012 presidential election. That is because these states, such as North Carolina, reportedly had voting problems in the past. However, the head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division claims that voters at these locations won’t really be able to tell the difference between the usual observers and the federal staffers who are monitoring them.

It may seem drastic that staffers from the Justice Department are monitoring these polling locations but it is not. In 2012, the department sent 780 of their staffers to polling locations for the same reasons. That means there is a 35% reduction in the number of staffers being sent this time. Therefore, it likely has nothing to do with the fact that Donald Trump keeps saying the election is going to be rigged. If he loses on Tuesday, he will surely use that as his excuse despite all of the federal staffers at these polling locations.

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