Pastors Claim That Black Mother’s Arrest in Fort Worth was Racist

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Dozens of pastors from Arlington and Fort Worth have publicly stated that the recent arrest in Fort Worth, Texas of a black mother and her 2 teen daughters was racist driven. The arresting officer was white in this case. However, city officials have made other characterizations about the incident in support of the officer.

On Christmas Eve, these pastors gathered together at Beth Eden Baptist Church and urged the black community to stay calm as the investigation into the incident is conducted. The pastors expressed how they believe that numerous city officials, including the mayor and police chief, want to work with the black community to make sure that no one’s rights were violated in the incident. However, the pastors also expressed how they lost faith in the white police officer in question, who has since been put on paid restricted duty as the investigation is ongoing.

The entire arrest of the black woman and her two daughters was recorded on a cellphone video, which later got uploaded to Facebook on Wednesday night. By the time Christmas Day came around, the video has received millions of hits. And as usual, the viewers are pretty split on who is right and who is wrong in this case. Some people say the cop was racist while others say the woman and her teen daughters were out of line.

The whole incident started after police responded to a call about Jacqueline Craig and her neighbor arguing because Craig claimed that the neighbor had choked her son who was only 7-years-old. The neighbor claimed the son was littering outside and did not want to pick up the litter after he was asked to. In the cellphone video, you can see the responding officer arguing with Craig. The officer asked her why she didn’t teach her son better by making him pick up the litter. Craig then responded by saying her neighbor still didn’t have the right to choke her son. Then the officer responded, “Why not?”

City officials released a statement on Friday where they urged the public to remain calm during the investigation.

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