Paul Ryan Claims to Have Already Voted for Donald Trump

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have had a strange relationship throughout the course of the election season. At first, it took a while for Ryan to finally endorse Trump but he eventually did. Then as Trump continued to remain controversial over the next months, Ryan simply distanced himself from the candidate while still willing to vote for him.

Ryan apparently came through with his promise to support the Republican nominee because on Tuesday, he claimed to have already cast his vote for him. However, Ryan didn’t refer to Trump by his name when he made this announcement. He simply said he followed through with the original pledge he made to vote for the Republican nominee. Obviously, this means he voted for Trump.

Ryan made this announcement while being interviewed on “Fox and Friends.” He supposedly cast the vote in Janesville, Wisconsin which is his hometown. They allow early voting in this location and Ryan took advantage of that to get his vote in there as soon as possible. During the interview, Ryan claimed to have just found out Trump was rallying in Wisconsin on that same day. But he claimed to have had other obligations in Indiana to campaign for Republicans there. That was supposedly why he didn’t join Trump at his rally.

Many political spectators wondered if Ryan would follow through on his pledge, especially after the 2005 leaked video came out where you can hear Trump bragging about being able to kiss and grope women. When that came out, Ryan said he couldn’t defend the nominee anymore. This caused Trump to criticize Ryan on Twitter.

Apparently, Ryan cares more about party loyalty than he does about a presidential nominee of his own party who insults him. But like many Republicans, Ryan probably cares more about getting Republicans in Congress and having a conservative Supreme Court Justice nominee. That is likely why he stays loyal to his party’s presidential nominee.

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