Pennsylvania Teen Killed in Mother’s ‘Rape-Murder Fantasy’

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In Quakertown, Pennsylvania, a gruesome murder took place back in July which involved the victim’s mother and her boyfriend. The 14-year-old female victim was murdered because the mother and her boyfriend wanted to fulfill their “rape-murder fantasy,” according to the prosecutors of the case.

The two defendants, Jacob Sullivan, 44, and Sara Packer, 41, allegedly planned to murder Packer’s daughter, Grace Packer. This murder plot was in the works for over a year and in July, they finally carried it out. Once they murdered Grace Packer, they placed her dead body in the attic and stored it there. The body stayed in the attic for almost 4 months before they decided to chop it up, according to a report by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The court papers that were filed against Sullivan claimed that he raped Grace before he killed her. While he was raping her, Grace’s mother watched the entire time. The filed affidavit also specifies that Grace’s dead body was placed in kitty litter in the attic so that it would be preserved. The whole incident was based on a sick sexual fantasy that Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan wanted to fulfill.

Sullivan has been charged with rape, homicide, kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child, assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, conspiracy charges, unlawful restraint, tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse. Sara Packer has been charged with most of the same charges as Sullivan, except she was charged with conspiracy to commit rape instead of just rape. Both Sullivan and Packer face the death penalty if they are convicted on the homicide charges.

Sullivan and Packer were caught after Sullivan made a confession. On December 30th, 2016, the two tried to kill themselves by overdosing on pills and so they had to be hospitalized. While at the hospital, Sullivan confessed to the staff about the killing. This prompted the hospital to call the authorities.

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