Popular Smartphone App Game ‘Pokémon Go’ Losing Momentum

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It wasn’t too long ago when the smartphone app ‘Pokémon Go’ became the most popular app of all time. You probably saw people walking around outside with their phones trying to catch Pokémon in their neighborhoods. Perhaps you were one of those people too. So, what happened? How come no one seems to be catching Pokémon anymore?

The biggest complaint from users is that after a couple of months of playing the game, there are no more new Pokémon to hunt. Users end up maxing out their levels and then have nothing else to do. There are also users who only want to play for free and would rather not spend money on lures to find more Pokémon after their free lures run out.

The game developer Niantic, which made Pokémon Go, is still trying to find new ways to attract players back to the game. For the current Halloween season, they are creating spooky bonuses where you can get double the candies if you sell a Pokémon. The buddy system will also be tweaked so you can get four candies from your buddy instead of one after walking a particular set distance.

Will these little updates bring people back? It may get some people interested in Pokémon Go again but it looks like the momentum of the game will eventually fade. Plus, it was considered to be a dangerous game by some people because the app’s tracking system was being used by criminals to meet up with other players and then rob them. There were numerous news reports about this happening back in July when the app came out.

Even if Pokémon Go doesn’t regain its momentum, it will still go down as the most downloaded app ever. It is currently available in the Apple store for the iOS smartphones and the Google Play store for the Android smartphones.

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