President Barack Obama Delivers His Farewell Address in Chicago

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President Barack Obama delivered an emotional farewell speech to a live audience and the entire nation on Tuesday night in Chicago. The audience was filled with celebrities, supporters, and White House staffers. During his speech, Obama highlighted the threats that try to undermine American democracy and how people should not give in to them. He also remained optimistic about the future of the United States and he encouraged others to be too.

What made the speech truly emotional for so many was the fact that Obama is going to be replaced with a man who is the complete opposite of him. President-elect Donald Trump seems to want to repeal everything that Obama worked so hard to accomplish over his eight years as president. Plus, the political atmosphere in Washington D.C. is more divided now than it’s ever been. This is one of the biggest regrets that Obama had over the last eight years because he originally wanted to unite Washington rather than divide it.

Obama covered a wide range of issues in his farewell speech including economic inequality, racism, and anti-immigrant sentiments. He also highlighted his legacy by mentioning how he brought home the majority of American troops who were deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Obama also discussed the diplomatic agreement he made with Iran to get rid of their nuclear weapons agreement. He even talked about getting the vast majority of the world’s nations to join in on a huge climate change agreement. Global warming remains to be a critical issue and Obama was the first president to really bring that issue to light.

Most importantly, Obama reminded people that 20 million more Americans have health insurance today because of the Affordable Care Act and that there’s been consecutive job growth for the last 75 months.

The president ended his speech with the slogan “Yes We Can,” which was the slogan he used in his original presidential campaign. He then added, “Yes We Did,” which got audiences all cheering and stamping their feet.

There is just nine days before President-elect Donald Trump takes office. President Obama will likely stay silent throughout the remainder of these nine days until he leaves office.

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