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President Obama and Democrats Try to Save Obamacare

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President Barack Obama only has a few weeks left in his presidency, and he plans to do everything he can to save the Affordable Care Act from being repealed by the next President of the United States Donald Trump when he takes office. Obama plans to meet with Democratic lawmakers in Capitol Hill next week to come up with a strategy that would save his famous healthcare law.

On Wednesday of next week, Obama is going to meet with Senate and House Democrats in a joint meeting in the Capitol Visitor Center auditorium. According to the notice about the meeting, it is supposed to take place for a minimum of one hour. The White House issued a statement today which explained that Obama wants to use the meeting to discuss his thoughts with fellow Democrats about how Congressional Republicans and President-elect Trump are going to throw millions of Americans off health insurance without any kind of plan on what to replace Obamacare with.

Since there will be a Republican majority in Congress and the White House, the Republicans will have a much easier time repealing lots of areas of Obamacare. However, it is rumored that Republicans may wait on the repeal of the healthcare law so they can come up with a better solution to replace it with. After all, if they were to throw 20 million people off health insurance and not have something else for them to use, it will certainly make Republicans look bad.

Democrats are pretty much powerless in Congress now because the Republicans have the power to repeal many of the important elements of Obamacare. President-elect Donald Trump repeatedly said on the campaign trail that he was going to repeal and replace Obamacare with “something terrific.” Then after he won the election, he talked about amending Obamacare and keeping certain parts of it. So, who knows what is going to happen in the next couple of months after he takes office.

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