Red Nova May Form in 2022 if Stars Collide

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Scientists believe that two stars in outer space are going to collide into each other in the year 2022. Once the collision takes place, it will send an enormous amount of energy out into the void. These two stars cannot be seen with the naked eye, but their collision will cause an explosion that will be 10,000 times brighter than the stars are now. The explosion they’ll make will clearly be visible to the naked eye because it will look like a very bright star in the sky.

An astronomer from Calvin College named Larry Molnar has just made this prediction and he announced it during a meeting in Grapevine, Texas at the American Astronomical Society. If his prediction ends up coming true, it will be the first time that such a prediction was ever made by an astronomer. The prediction of two stars merging together and creating an explosion has just never been accurately made before. But, Molnar truly believes it is going to happen.

The two stars in question are about 1,800 light years away from Earth. The explosion has supposedly happened already, but the bright light it emitted won’t reach the Earth until the year 2022. There is no exact date that can be calculated for when the light will show up, but it should be sometime within that year. Once it does come, it won’t just be a one day occurrence in the sky. The light is going to gradually get brighter in the sky and it will last for a few months. You can look for the light in the constellation known as Cygnus.

Scientists are getting ready to observe this collision because it will give them a lot of insight into how our solar system came to evolve in the first place. Casual observers can also get a look at this historic collision with their telescopes.

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