Russian Malware Was Discovered at a Utility Company in Vermont

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Burlington Electric, a small electric company that is located in northern Vermont, is now under investigation after Russian malware software was discovered on one of the company’s computers. This now has U.S. officials believing that Russian intelligence agencies have tried interfering with America’s infrastructure as well as the recent presidential election.

According to an anonymous U.S. law enforcement official and the Burlington Electric Department, the laptop which had the malware was not hooked up to any electric system in the state. Therefore, the malware has not interfered with any of the electric grid operations nor has it compromised the security of their customer’s private information.

On Friday, Burlington Electric announced that they discovered the malware on the computer after they received an alert from the Department of Homeland Security. Once federal authorities got their hands on the malware coding of this software, they shared it with numerous executives from a variety of industries which are important for the U.S. economy. These include the transportation, utility, and financial industries.

Burlington Electric has further stated that they’ve scanned all of their other computers for malware and have not found any. The malware was only found on one laptop which is linked to the gridding systems of the company. After the laptop was discovered, the company claimed they took action right away and notified federal authorities.

U.S. law enforcement is currently trying to trace the source of the malware and see if they can find the location of the actual person who installed it on there. But what they do know is that Russian intelligence is linked to the malware, so whoever installed the software must be linked to the Russians in some way. This news comes just as President-elect Donald Trump is about to take office, which will be in just three weeks. Russian President Vladimir Putin has often flattered Trump, and vice versa.

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