Russian Spacecraft Burns Up During Launch

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It was reported by the Russian State Space Corporation known as “Roscosmos” that an unmanned Russian cargo spacecraft had ignited into flames during its launch. On board the “ISS Progress 65” cargo ship, there were 2.5 tons worth of supplies which were going to be sent to the International Space Station for the astronauts there to use. But shortly after the ship launched from its base in Kazakhstan, it began to burn up and was ultimately lost.

The ISS Progress 65 was built onto a Soyuz rocket which was supposed to lift it all the way into outer space. Unfortunately, after it launched for six minutes, the data being transmitted from the ship was suddenly lost. All the Russian radar stations could no longer detect the spacecraft as it was making its way to orbit.

Roscosmos determined that all data transmission was lost as the ship got up to 118 miles of altitude. At this point, it was just over the Republic of Tuva which is located in the southern region of Siberia. This is a mostly unpopulated area with vast amounts of acreage. Most of the ship had reportedly burned up in the atmosphere over this region, but Roscosmos did state that pieces of debris were likely going to fall down onto the surface of the Earth. If this happens, then it means the ship pieces will be scattered around the Republic of Tuva.

ISS Progress 65 contained valuable items which the astronauts in the International Space Station could have used to help with their missions. This included a new spacesuit for their spacewalks, a Russian toilet prototype for turning urine into water, and a mini-greenhouse. However, the good news is that these items weren’t essential for the survival of the astronauts in space. Not only that, nobody was injured from the incident because nobody was on board the ship. This just means that millions of dollars of machinery and space products were wasted.

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