Safeway Open Will Be Without Tiger Woods this Year

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It looks like Tiger Woods won’t be making his big comeback into golf after all. He withdrew himself from the Safeway Open, despite planning to return to golf just a few days before the PGA Tour. Woods claimed his health and energy are fine. The problem is his golf performance is not where it needs to be in order to compete against other pros. So he felt it would be better to step aside and continue training until he was ready to compete again.

The last PGA Tour event that Woods participated in was the August 2015 Wyndham Championship. After that, Woods had a variety of medical problems to deal with involving injuries to his wrist, neck, left knee, back, and elbow. These injuries prevented him from playing more games and ultimately set his career back because of it. Woods is supposedly fine now, but he still has to get his golf game back to what it once was. That is the trouble he is facing.

On November 3rd, Woods was also going to participate in the Turkish Open but he backed out of that as well. Woods did say that he will still attend the Hero World Challenge event in December so hopefully, he will honor that commitment. Woods has already expressed regret to his fans who expected him to show up in Turkey and California to partake in these golf events.

Woods has won 14 championships in his golfing career. He is one of the wealthiest and most famous golfers in the world. Even people who don’t traditionally follow golf have heard of Woods before. For him to show up at a golfing event, it really helps its sponsors out more than anything else because Woods’ stardom draws more attention to the event. With any luck, he will get his golf game back soon and be the champion that he once was.

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