Saudi Arabian Government Claims to Have Stopped Two Militant Plots

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On Sunday, the Saudi Arabian government released a statement saying they stopped two militant plots over the last couple of weeks. One plot allegedly involved ISIS terrorists who were planning to kill police officers in the central Shaqraa province of the country. It was reported that four Saudi citizens had been given instructions by an ISIS leader in Syria which detailed how to carry out the attack. The four Saudi men were arrested before they could go through with it.

The second plot involved militants who were planning to park a car with a bomb in it next to a stadium in Jiddah. The stadium was going to have a soccer match between players from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In this plot, a Sundanese national, a Syrian and two Pakistanis were allegedly behind it. They were arrested on October 10th before the soccer game ever started. Right now, it is still not clear if these men are actually affiliated with ISIS or if they got their orders from an ISIS leader.

The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia made this announcement on Sunday through the Saudi Press Agency, which is run by the Saudi government. The Interior Ministry also announced they have identified one Bahraini man and eight Saudi men as being responsible for the attacks made on Saudi security forces in the eastern region of the country. These men are currently wanted and at large.

The Saudi Arabian kingdom has not faced this many threats by militants since al-Qaida plagued the country more than ten years ago. Now with ISIS growing their numbers and radicalizing people all over the world through the internet, it is likely that Saudi Arabia will have to foil a lot more plots like this.

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