School Bus Crashes in Tennessee Killing Six Children

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A horrible accident involving a school bus took place in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Monday. Apparently, the school bus crashed into a tree which caused the bus to split apart. There were reportedly six children killed in the accident while 23 other children were injured. According to Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher, there were 35 students on the school bus ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade. They were all students of Woodmore Elementary School.

As soon as the accident was reported, parents frantically arrived at the site of the crash. Many of whom were crying and screaming because they didn’t know if their children were safe or not. It apparently took emergency crews several hours to get all the children out of the bus, which was turned over on its side and wrapped around the tree it crashed into. The 23 injured victims are now being treated at Chattanooga’s Erlanger Hospital.

It is still early in the investigation but officials are very confident that the bus was speeding before it crashed. Since the driving conditions were totally clear without any abnormal weather conditions, the only way the bus could have gotten damaged was from speeding into the tree. The bus driver survived the crash and is currently cooperating with investigators.

Fletcher has already gotten a warrant to obtain the informational box from the bus which contains the recorded video feed of what took place on the bus before the crash. This will help investigators understand what could have caused the crash in the first place. It doesn’t appear like the bus driver was intoxicated so there are still questions about what caused the crash.

The good news is there are already hundreds of blood donors giving their blood to help treat the injured victims of the crash. Blood Assurance is the name of the blood bank in Chattanooga where you can give blood if you are in the area.

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