Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid Retires

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Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is a Democratic Senator from Nevada who has always been known for his soft-spoken demeanor and hard work ethic. He used to have conservative views but then turned into a liberal icon who other liberals looked up to. Now at 77-years-old, Reid is finally ready to hang up his hat and retire from the Senate after 30 years of dedicated public service.

On Thursday, Reid spoke to the Senate and gave his farewell address to them. He talked about the origins of where he came from and how his experiences have led him to be the senator that he has been for all these years. Although Reid is typically a man of few words, he spoke for a good 80 minutes during his farewell address. He talked about growing up in Searchlight, Nevada, where he came from a poor family. Searchlight only had 250 people in it with no indoor plumbing, no churches, no mines, and only one elementary school with one teacher.

Reid’s father was a miner who didn’t get paid very much and his mother worked menial jobs washing clothes and laundry for many of the 13 local brothels in the town. Yes, with everything that Searchlight was lacking, they certainly had plenty of brothels to attract some tourists. Reid recalled a truly proud moment during his teenage years when he worked at a gas station and saved up $250 just so he could purchase new teeth for his mother.

Despite the hardships he went through growing up in Searchlight, the town made him the kind of senator he became in his later years. Not only was he a U.S. Senate Majority Leader for eight years, but he was always willing to speak his mind about certain political figures without filtering himself. He’s known for calling President George W. Bush a liar and more recently, he called President-elect Donald Trump a con man and a racist while speaking on the Senate floor.

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