Skeptical Wife Unwittingly Wins $1 Million on a North Carolina Scratch-Off Ticket

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Many people dream about winning a big lottery jackpot. For others, they think purchasing lottery tickets is a waste of money and that they would never be able to win. That is what 57-year-old Glenda Blackwell of North Carolina thought when her husband kept purchasing lottery tickets and losing. She had always accused him of wasting his money on those tickets, since they weren’t very well off people financially.

On Saturday, Blackwell’s husband asked her to purchase a couple of Powerball lottery tickets. But instead of purchasing them, Blackwell purchased a Carolina Millions scratch-off ticket for $10. Her intention was to get back at her husband and show him what a waste of money lottery tickets are. But rather than teach him a lesson, she ended up eating her own words after winning the jackpot on the scratch-off ticket. The jackpot was a cool $1 million.

Blackwell said she was happy to eat her words because they were “worth eating.” She had a choice to get paid monthly or receive a one lump sum. She chose the one lump sum, which after taxes came out to $415,503. Blackwell said she plans to use the money to purchase a home and to assist her daughter with paying bills. Most importantly, she’s going to put money away into savings for her two granddaughters so they can use it toward college when they get older.

Although the odds of winning any lottery jackpot are very slim, Blackwell certainly learned her lesson about never giving up no matter what the odds are. Of course, if she had listened to her husband and purchased the Powerball ticket, then she never would have won anything. So, perhaps her intuition led her to the scratch-off ticket.

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