Social Media Networks Encouraging Thousands to Vote

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Major social media networks are now making it easier for users to get linked to the voter registration websites of many states throughout the country. Networks like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and numerous others are posting up registration reminders to users who are over 18-years-old. The idea is to get people to register on National Voter Registration Day, which is on September 27th of this year. When users click on the reminder, they are brought to a federal website which lists all of the registration websites for their particular home state.

There are even video advertisements running to encourage people to vote. They feature big Hollywood celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jimmy Fallon, and Jared Leto. As a result of all these social media efforts, numerous state election offices have seen an increase in traffic and voter registrations. In the state of Kentucky, at least 4,700 people submitted new voter registrations and over 25,000 updated the profile of their registration. In Indiana, a whopping 30,000 people submitted new voter registrations online.

Millennials are going to play a huge factor in the outcome of the upcoming election on November 8th.  These efforts made by social media networks are all about encouraging younger people to vote. In California, over 60% of people on social media who updated their profiles or signed up for the first time were under 35-years-old. About 33% of these Californians were under 25-years-old. When you consider that 200,000 Californians were said to have updated or created a voter registration profile, that is quite a significant number of millennials who will be voting in that state.

Social media appears to be the new factor that encourages people to vote in the United States. Since the majority of young Americans get their news from social media, it makes sense that this is how they get their motivation to exercise their right to vote.

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