Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Comes Out This Week

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If you are a fan of the Sony PlayStation 4, then you will probably be overjoyed to hear that the new Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is coming out on November 10th. However, you may also be wondering what the difference is between the original version and the newer version of the PlayStation 4. Perhaps you want to know if the physical appearance of the new one looks the same or not.

Firstly, the PlayStation 4 Pro has significantly more processing power than its predecessor. But more importantly, the PS4 Pro is compatible with the new 4K televisions that people seem to be purchasing rapidly these days. That way you can enjoy playing your favorite Sony PlayStation 4 games on a television that gives you the best resolution and picture quality that you’ve ever seen.

As for the specs of the PS4 Pro, they almost resemble the specs of a top-quality computer. It has 1 TB of hard disk space, 8 GB of RAM, AMD Radeon Graphics Card, 2.1GHz 8-core CPU, and Blu-ray & DVD Drive. With this kind of setup, you will have the best experience playing PS4 games that you’ve ever had.

The cost of the PS4 Pro is going to be $399. There will be video games made for the PS4 Pro specifically, but it is also backwards compatible so you can play your original PS4 games on this system too. This means you don’t have to go out and purchase all new games if you already have a library of PS4 games.

With Christmas approaching fast, Sony’s release of their PS4 Pro is coming just in time. Although, it is unlikely that people who already own a PS4 would be willing to shell out another $399 to purchase an updated version of the console. But if you have a 4K television and don’t mind spending the extra money, then go for it.

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