President Park Geun-hye visits the Sejong Government ComplexPresident Park Geun-hye delivers the keynote speech during an economic policy meeting on December 27 at the Sejong Government Complex.December 27, 2013.Sejong Government Complex, Sejong CityRelated
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South Korean Protesters Push for the Impeachment of their President

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South Korean President Park Geun-hye has to make a critical decision soon about her presidency amid the controversy surrounding her corruption scandal. Her own political party has basically given her a choice to either resign from her position as president or face the possibility of being impeached. Earlier in the week, President Geun-hye stated that she would hand over her resignation if that was truly what the National Assembly would like her to do.

If Park were to willfully resign, it would avoid an embarrassing impeachment process in the country. If she doesn’t resign, then opposition parties in South Korea are going to vote to have her removed from power. Although Park said she would resign, she has not specified any date as to when she would yet. This has caused members of her party, which is the Saenuri Party, to give her a deadline to submit her resignation.  Many of the party’s mainstream members have said April 30th is the deadline in which she must resign by. Then, they can have a presidential election in the month of June. If it hadn’t been for this, Park’s five-year presidential term would have expired on February of 2018.

This corruption scandal involves classified information being leaked to a confidante of Park’s who is not a government official. Choi Soon-sil is the confidante in this case and he reportedly had access to secret documents on a tablet device that was abandoned. Choi allegedly used her relationship with the president to help her get millions of dollars’ worth of donations for her numerous charitable foundations. Charges have already been filed against Choi for fraud, coercion, and abuse of power. Park herself will not be charged because sitting presidents in South Korea cannot be charged under their country’s constitution.

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