Strange Blue UFO Flies Near International Space Station, NASA Cuts Live Video Feed

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There are always conspiracy theories when it comes to strange lights in the sky, especially if a government organization is involved. Well now, UFO hunters have made another conspiracy claim regarding a blue light that was seen flying in the distance near the International Space Station just recently.

NASA usually maintains a live video feed from the International Space Station that orbits the Earth. But when a strange blue light was spotted flying near the station, the live feed was suddenly cut off. UFO conspiracy theorists believe NASA purposely cut the live feed before the light could get close to their high definition cameras. This wouldn’t be the first time the government tried to cover up a UFO sighting, right? Well, that’s what these conspiracy theorists believe.

Some people believe the blue light was caused by a lens flare and that it had nothing to do with UFOs. But try convincing UFO hunters that it was just a lens flare. After all, why would NASA cut the live video feed if it was just a lens flare? There has been no statement made by NASA about why the video feed got cut off. This is likely to generate even more suspicion of the organization.

Numerous UFO and alien believers say that extraterrestrials have made contact with NASA’s astronauts numerous times. Allegedly, NASA continues to lie to the public about these close encounters because they’re afraid it would create chaos if people found out the truth. Whatever it was up there, it is gone now. Could it have been a flying saucer from another planet? There will always be some who believe this and some who don’t. Until a saucer actually flies down and lands in a public place, people will likely never know the truth.

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