Suicide Car Bomb Kills 13 Soldiers in Turkey

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In the Turkish city of Kayseri, a suicide car bomb exploded near a bus that was carrying soldiers who were visiting the city’s local marketplace. There were reportedly 13 soldiers killed from the explosion, and 56 injured. A spokesman for the army said that civilians could have gotten injured from the blast in addition to the soldiers.

So far, there have been no terrorist groups who have come forward to claim responsibility for this deadly attack. However, Turkish authorities believe this could be the work of members from the Kurdistan Workers Party (known as the PKK). Just one week ago, the PKK carried out an attack in Istanbul which killed 44 people.

According to Regional Governor Suleyman Kamci, the suicide bomber parked their car next to the bus while they were near the Erciyes University entrance. The soldiers who were in the bus are believed to be from a military base that is near this location. Turkish authorities have already arrested seven people who are believed to have a connection to the suicide bomber and the explosion itself.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan accused these Kurdish militants of trying to reduce Turkey’s strength by having it direct its power and resources to other places. In 2016, Turkey has had many deadly bombings in various cities throughout the country. Some of these attacks were done by Kurdish militants, while others were done by jihadists associated with ISIS.

With all the bombings going on in Turkey, people are now scared to travel to the country. Turkish authorities have already increased security forces in all of their major cities in the hopes of thwarting the next terrorist attack. Turkey Intelligence is currently getting assistance from the British MI6 and the American FBI in tracking down suspected terrorists and stopping them before they commit a deadly act of violence like the one that happened in Turkey recently.

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