Terrorism Threat Made Toward L.A. Subway; Armed Deputies Search Commuters’ Bags

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Authorities were immediately called to the Metro Red Line’s Universal City Station after it was reported that someone threated to attack commuters who were riding the trains there. This report was treated as a terrorist threat and it prompted the Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles Police Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to respond to the threat. The credibility of the threat is currently unknown, as it was reported from an Australian public tip line.

The increase in security and law enforcement officials sure made it uncomfortable for Los Angeles subway commuters on Tuesday. They were subjected to having their bags searched by police dogs and heavily armed officers. These searches were being made throughout the entire Los Angeles County transit system. They are likely going to continue until police analysts can determine how credible the threat report actually is.

Normally, the authorities wouldn’t panic so much like this over a threatening tip made over the telephone, especially if the call comes from overseas. But this particular warning gave very specific details about where the attack was going to take place and how it was going to be carried out. So ultimately, the authorities decided to go public with this information and then conduct these searches just to ensure that all the commuters remained safe.

So far, the police have not found any signs of bombs or firearms on any of the commuters or in any location in the transit system. Many of the commuters who talked with reporters had said they weren’t scared and that they believed it was just a hoax. With all the threats being made these days, it is hard to know what to take seriously. Most of the commuters weren’t about to change their schedules or the direction they were going, so they willingly used the transit system while knowing they would have their bags checked.

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