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The 6-year-old Victim of the South Carolina School Shooting has Died

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This week a 14-year-old boy went into an elementary school in South Carolina and shot two students and one teacher. One of those students was 6-year-old Jacob Hall, who had been brought to the hospital after the bullet damaged his femoral artery and caused him to lose an enormous amount of blood. It has just been confirmed that Hall died on Saturday as a result of the damage. Apparently, the massive loss of blood caused his brain to get injured which eventually led to his death. The family of Jacob Hall released a statement thanking the doctors as well as the rest of the community for their support.

The teenage shooter was previously charged on Friday in juvenile court with three counts of attempted murder in connection with the shootings he allegedly committed at Townville Elementary School. In addition, he has been charged with the murder of his father after he was found dead at their family home by police. Now that Hall has died, one of those attempted murder charges is expected to get escalated to a murder charge. So the shooter will likely have two murder charges and two attempted murder charges filed against him next week.

Since the shooter is a minor, he is not being identified by name. According to the authorities, it is believed that the shooter shot his father to death first, then drove his pickup truck to the elementary school and started shooting random people as soon as he got out of the truck. The teacher who got shot was Meghan Hollingsworth. She and the second student who got shot were treated at the hospital for nonfatal injuries and have already been released. Witnesses claim Hollingsworth tried to protect Hall and the other children from the shots. An off-duty firefighter quickly tackled the shooter after the three victims were shot. Police then arrived and took him into custody.

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