The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center was Lit by Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon

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With the Thanksgiving holiday now over, everyone is immediately shifting right into the Christmas holiday spirit. After an emotional year filled with mixed feelings about the presidential election, people are still motivated to be around their friends and family to enjoy something that is positive. This was truly symbolized at Rockefeller Center in New York City during the annual tree lighting ceremony.

Fans of Saturday Night Live will appreciate the fact that Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon received the honor of lighting the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center this year. Of course, you are probably familiar with McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton on SNL and Baldwin playing Donald Trump. Although these two characters may have been at odds, the real-life actors who played them are a symbol of laughter and joy. More importantly, they showed people that coming together is the best thing Americans can do.

After the Radio City Rockettes performed at the ceremony, Baldwin and McKinnon came out to speak a few words. Then they pushed the magic button and the Christmas tree lit up like Broadway. Baldwin was there with his young daughter at the ceremony as well. Of course, some people were probably disappointed that Baldwin and McKinnon didn’t get to say more on stage. They weren’t in their character roles either so no Trump or Clinton impressions were performed this time.

It is uncertain if Baldwin is going to continue to play Donald Trump on SNL. But seeing how Trump is going to be the next president and SNL needs to fill that role on a long-term basis, Baldwin may end up doing it. Despite sources which said he wasn’t going to reprise his Trump role, he has already done so once after the election with a skit that made fun of Trump’s cabinet appointments.

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