“The Diane Rehm Show” Broadcasts Final Show

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“The Diane Rehm Show” is now coming to an end. It is a radio show that has fans all across the United States. The 80-year-old Rehm claims that she’s semi-retiring after being on the air for nearly four decades. Friday was her last radio show.

Rehm first started hosting her own radio show back in 1979 at the station WAMU in Washington. It took 16 more years after that for other radio stations to pick it up and distribute her show all throughout the United States. Some of her most notable fans include Cory Booker, Julie Andrews, Judy Collins, and John Dickerson.

During her last show, fans of hers called into her radio station to wish her well and to honor her. On social media, some of her listeners even claimed to be in tears over her leaving. Many of her longtime fans are also excited about Donald Trump’s presidency. Rehm had shown optimism for his presidency and she told everyone that “we’re going to be okay.”

Next week will have taped episodes of Rehm’s show until her slot is permanently replaced on January 2nd with a new radio show called “1A,” which is hosted by Joshua Johnson and aired on WAMU. The name of this new show is supposed to represent the First Amendment.

The good news is that Rehm is not going away completely. Even though she’s semi-retired, she is going to be starting a new podcast on WAMU. The podcast is expected to start in January, but the exact date is unknown right now. The podcast will feature Rehm having discussions with artists, writers, and newsmakers on various issues that are important to her.

Ann Hornaday, a film critic for the Washington Post, said that Rehm was responsible for turning radio into a “more civilized place.”

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