The Next James Bond is Rumored to be Idris Elba

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Actor Idris Elba is used to playing serious roles in his films. In a recent interview, he said that he wants to try and play in comedies or romantic films so he can make people laugh more. However, there is a role that he is being considered for that goes against this goal. It is the iconic role of James Bond, who everyone knows as the British secret agent who is suave, charming and loves his women.

Daniel Craig is the actor currently playing James Bond. Once he gives up the role, Elba is being considered as his replacement along with a list of other actors. But will Elba be interested in the role if he is chosen? He insists that he wants to play in roles that make people laugh because he’s always played characters who were grumpy. When Elba was asked about the odds of him being the next James Bond, he did not comment on that question.

If you look at the James Bond character closely, you’ll see that he can be quite humorous when he wants to be. The first James Bond actor, Sean Connery, was great at delivering funny one-liners and making the role seem fun and enjoyable. Perhaps Elba can do the same thing if he is ever given the chance to play Bond.

Anthony Horowitz, who authored the newest James Bond novel, first said that Elba would be “too street” in the role. He quickly retracted that remark and apologized for it through a post on Instagram. As for the fans of the Bond franchise, they think Elba can pull it off perfectly. His award-winning role in “The Wire and Luther” as DCI John Luther is just one example of how Elba can pull off the role. If Elba ever officially gets offered the role, he should definitely take it.

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