The SeaWorld in San Diego Ends Their Orca Show

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The famous orca show at SeaWorld in San Diego called “One Ocean” is finally coming to an end. On Sunday, the theme park gave one final show with orca performances in it and now they are done for good. The main reason for the show ending has to do with the outrage that people have about how the killer whales are treated behind the scenes. There was a 2013 documentary about this called Blackfish which revealed the truth about how killer whales are treated in captivity. Ever since then, the public has called upon SeaWorld to end their killer whale show.

The killer whale that was featured in the documentary had just passed away on Friday at 36-years-old. The whale’s name was Tilikum and his death was likely the result of the treatment he received in captivity. In the documentary, audiences learned about how Tilikum was treated cruelly and about how dangerous it is to keep a six-ton whale in a confined space.

After the documentary came out, the stock value of SeaWorld started to sink. This prompted SeaWorld to promise the public that they would change their orca show by not having the killer whale do its traditional stunts and tricks anymore. Instead, they would make it an informative show that put the whale in a more natural environment. The new orca show is going to be called the Orca Encounter and it is reportedly going to be a more educational show rather than a theatrical show.

The other SeaWorld locations in Orlando, Florida and San Antonio, Texas are supposedly going to abandon their orca stunt show by the year 2019. Critics of the theme park do not believe that the change to the orca show will affect the success of the park that much. Since the public seems to care more about the safety of the killer whales, then perhaps they will feel better knowing that SeaWorld trainers are no longer subjecting the whales to harsh training conditions.

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