The Syrian City “Aleppo” Becomes a Holocaust After Aggressive Bombardment

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The Syrian City of Aleppo has been a warzone for the last five years. On Sunday, the city experienced one of its worse days ever. Over the course of the last week, Syrian regime forces have blasted Aleppo with repeated airstrikes every single day. Sunday marked the sixth day in a row where the city was attacked from the air. This brought the death toll to roughly 300 people, which is said to be the deadliest bombing the city has experienced out of the entire five years since the war started.

Aleppo has experienced such brutal violence that people in advanced countries cannot even imagine. Not only are there bombs destroying neighborhoods in the city, but there have even been chemical attacks which claimed the lives of two parents and their four children. The neighborhood known as “al-Sakhour” was blasted with barrel bombs, according to the Aleppo Media Center and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

To make matters worse, there are hundreds of injured people who cannot get any kind of medical treatment. All of the hospitals in Aleppo have been destroyed by bomb blasts. The ones that are still operating are still partially destroyed and cannot operate at full capacity. As for the rubble from the destroyed buildings, people are being found buried underneath this rubble who were lucky enough to survive.

Syria has been at war for the past five years. The war is between the Syrian government forces of the west and the Syrian rebels of the east. The battles that have taken place between the two have left Aleppo in absolute ruins. The rebels are fighting because they want a democratic government and wish to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State is also taking over territories in Syria and have engaged themselves in the Syrian Civil War between the two sides. They don’t really fight for one particular side, although ISIS is considered to be a rebellious organization and is certainly not friendly with the Syrian regime forces.

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