Thomas Mair Found Guilty for the Murder of British MP Jo Cox

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On June of 2016, a British Member of Parliament named Jo Cox was brutally stabbed and shot by a far right-wing conservative man named Thomas Mair. This man, who is 53-years-old, rushed right up to Cox on the street and brutally murdered her in broad daylight. On Wednesday, he was found guilty of her murder as well as other charges related to the incident. Now he will be sent to prison for the rest of his life in London for the brutal crime he committed in northern England.

Cox’s murder occurred just days before Great Britain was going to vote on the decision to stay in the European Union or separate from it. Cox supported the effort to keep Great Britain part of the European Union. This apparently wasn’t something Mair agreed with. When he made his first court appearance, he randomly shouted the following: “My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain.” He clearly wanted Great Britain to be free from the European Union and so he viciously attacked Cox because she opposed his beliefs.

Ironically, Mair would inadvertently get his wish because the majority of the British Parliament voted to remove the United Kingdom from the European Union. This withdrawal is famously referred to by the name “Brexit,” which means “British exit.” Of course, the exit is going to take some time because there are formal procedures that the country has to go through before they’re officially withdrawn. The United Kingdom expects to be separate from the European Union by March of 2019.

In Mair’s sick mind, he probably thinks the murder he committed allowed this decision to happen. In court, the judge told Mair that he was no patriot and that he betrayed their democracy. Those words likely had no impact on Mair, but at least he will be locked up for life where he can’t harm anyone else.

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