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Tim Kaine Goes After Mike Pence Hard at Vice-Presidential Debate

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The 2016 Vice-Presidential Debate took place on Tuesday night between Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. For many of the spectators watching, these two seasoned politicians appeared more likable than the two presidential candidates at the top of their tickets. Some believe Kaine and Pence should be the ones leading their party’s respective tickets instead of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean there weren’t huge disagreements between them because there were.

Kaine interrupted Pence numerous times throughout the debate while he was answering questions asked by CBSN moderator Elaine Quijano. Many of the political commentators thought Kaine made a mistake doing that because that’s what Trump did to Clinton at their first presidential debate last week. However, Kaine still made his case for Clinton with great passion and dignity. But the true highlight of the debate was when Kaine kept trying to get Pence to explain how he can defend Trump and his disparaging remarks towards women and other demographic groups.

Pence’s strategy at the debate seemed to be attacking Clinton rather than defending Trump, so he was able to avoid answering for Trump’s controversial comments. Many of the commentators believe Pence won the debate because of this. If you look at the presidential debate, Clinton was able to easily put Trump on the defensive by mentioning the 1996 Miss Universe contestant whom he called “Miss Piggy” and also his numerous corporate bankruptcies. As for Pence, he was able to downplay his answers when asked about Trump’s business record. Pence didn’t seem to get defensive the way Kaine got defensive when Pence mentioned Clinton’s record, especially her charitable foundation.

Immediately after the debate was over, Donald Trump tweeted that “Mike Pence won big.” Clearly, Trump is happy with Pence’s performance and it may reflect some positive results for the Trump campaign when the new polls come out this week.

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