Time Magazine Finally Names Donald Trump the “Person of the Year”

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President-elect Donald Trump has just achieved something else speculator in 2016 by being named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.” He almost received this title last year when he was running in the Republican primaries but he never got it. Now that he’s been elected President of the United States by winning an election that is considered to be one of the biggest political upsets in American political history, how could Time magazine not make Trump the “Person of the Year?”

According to Time magazine editor Nancy Gibbs, the two top choices for “Person of the Year” were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clearly, the winner of the election was going to be the person of the year. Everyone thought it was going to be Hillary Clinton because all the national polls showed her beating Trump by over five percentage points. If she had won the election, then she would have been “Person of the Year.” However, she was the runner up for it because Trump won the election.

The third-place winner for the title was actually “the hackers” who were responsible for hacking into the computer systems and databases of celebrities, politicians and the Democratic National Committee. Others on the short list for the title included Beyoncé and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The announcement of Trump getting this high honor was made on NBC’s “Today” show with Matt Lauer. When Trump was asked about it over the phone during the show, he called it a “very, very great honor.”

Time magazine usually picks one person each year to be called the “Person of the Year.” It doesn’t necessarily mean the person who’s chosen is a good person or a well-liked person. After all, Adolf Hitler was once Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.” It just means the person who’s chosen is the most influential or most talked about person of that year. Donald Trump certainly fits the bill as far as 2016 news coverage goes.

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