Truck Plows Through Crowd of People in Berlin; At least 12 Killed

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On late Monday night, a deadly rampage occurred in the German capital of Berlin after a man drove a truck through a crowd of people at a Christmas marketplace. There were reportedly at least 12 people killed and 48 injured as a result of the attack. German authorities immediately called this a terrorist attack, despite the lack of direct evidence linking it to any particular terrorist group. However, this all changed on Tuesday afternoon when the Islamic State, or ISIS, claimed responsibility for the attack. They said one of their militants had gotten into the truck that had killed and injured those people.

When the attack first happened, a Pakistani man was detained by German authorities because he matched the description of the man that witnesses saw get out of the truck and run away on foot. The Pakistani man has denied driving the truck or having any part in the attack, according to Berlin Police Chief Klaus Kandt. German officials are not sure if he is the right man or not, so they are warning residents and guests of Berlin to remain vigilant because the real perpetrator may still be out there. German prosecutors ended up releasing the Pakistani man later on, since they didn’t have enough evidence to hold him.

ISIS often takes responsibility for attacks like these, but it is unclear if the perpetrator(s) had any direct contact with the terrorist organization. Often times, these massacres are committed by people who become self-radicalized over the internet or simply get angry with those who are against Islam. What is clear, however, is that this attack is very similar to other terrorist attacks where a perpetrator used a vehicle to kill their victims. The deadly vehicle rampage in Nice, France that occurred earlier this year is a perfect example of that. This Berlin incident is very similar to that one, which ISIS also took responsibility for.

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