Trump and Clinton Have Their Second Presidential Debate

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The second presidential debate took place last night in St. Louis, Missouri. This time, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton got to debate each other in a town hall format where members of the audience were allowed to ask questions directly to the candidates. But this didn’t stop them from directing their answers toward each other.

Trump certainly appeared to not hold back as much as he did in the first debate. He went after Clinton hard on many of the issues he refrained from mentioning before, such as her husband Bill Clinton’s past sexual assault controversies with women.  However, this may not have helped Trump too much with female voters because many of them are still at awe over the controversial tape recording from 2005 that came out just a few days before the debate. In the tape, you can hear Trump talking to Billy Bush about condoning sexual advances toward women who don’t necessarily want them.

When Trump was asked about this tape at the debate by the moderator, he passed it off as merely “locker room talk” and that he’s embarrassed by the tape. But Clinton pressed him hard about the tape and suggested this is the man Trump truly is and that his behavior on the campaign trail is a reflection of that. This is when Trump brought up Bill Clinton and his alleged sexual assault toward Paula Jones and others. Speaking of which, Trump actually invited many of Bill Clinton’s accusers to the debate including Paula Jones, Kathy Shelton, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey.

So did this debate really change the minds of any of the two candidates’ supporters? Most political commentators say the debate just made the Republican Party look worse more than anything. Trump did appear to be more focused and strong with his attacks, but the release of that tape last week might have made some of his supporters rethink their positions and this debate certainly didn’t bring them back. As for Clinton, she likely didn’t lose any of her supporters and may have even gained some from Trump’s side.

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