Trump Chooses General “Mad Dog” Mattis for Secretary of Defense

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President-elect Donald Trump loves rallies so much that he’s even conducting rallies after winning the election. On Thursday, Trump held a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio as part of his “thank you” tour where he thanked the people for voting for his campaign back on Election Day. He then mocked the media about how they claimed he would never get 270 electorates, but then ended up getting much more than that.

The biggest revelation of the night was when Trump announced that he has chosen retired Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to be the next Secretary of Defense under his administration. Mattis is 66-years-old and has over 40 years of experience serving in the United States Marine Corps. His peers have a few nicknames for him, such as “warrior monk” because Mattis has never been married.

Of course, the other nickname that Mattis is better known for is “Mad Dog.” This might make him sound like a tough guy, but the truth is Mattis doesn’t like the name so much. He was given that nickname after the 2nd battle of Fallujah, which was one of the deadliest fights to take place in the Iraq War. The Marine troops came up with the name “Mad Dog” to describe their general. In the Marine culture, this name was a great praise to General Mattis because it meant his troops respected him and his leadership on the battlefield.

During his “victory” rally, Trump claimed that General Mattis was the closest general to the famous General George Patton that we have today. As you may know, Trump had talked about finding the next “General Patton” when he was on the campaign trail. It looks like he may have kept that promise to the American people because General Mattis seems to be the modern-day equivalent of Patton.

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