Trump Crosses the Line at Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner

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On Thursday night, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attended the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner. This is a customary dinner that presidential nominees have attended for over 30 years. It is usually an event where the candidates can make jokes about each other and lighten the mood of the serious election season. But with Trump, he took things a little too far as usual.

Trump was the first to speak at the annual roast, which was also a Catholic fundraiser and ended raising about $6 million for various Catholic charities. This is an amount unheard of at previously held dinners. The first few minutes of Trump’s speech seemed appropriate and had mild humor about Clinton and even his wife Melania Trump. However, just like in the debates, he eventually went downhill after having a strong opening.

Trump made one joke about Clinton which didn’t go over too well with the crowd. He said that Clinton was only at the dinner so she could be in public while “pretending not to hate Catholics.” Alfred Smith V, who was in the audience, claimed the room felt a bit uncomfortable after that remark. The joke that Trump made was in reference to recent emails released by WikiLeaks that were sent by Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri. In one email, she stated that rich people accept conservatism more from Catholics than they do from evangelicals. At the dinner, no one seemed to care for the reference to this email.

This bad night by Trump came just one day after his final presidential debate with Clinton, which many political commentators say he bombed as well. With less than 3 weeks left until Election Day and Clinton leading by over 5 points in almost every national poll, Trump needs a miracle if he is going to catch up at this point.

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