Trump’s Campaign Manager to Lead Holiday Parade in Her Native New Jersey

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Kellyanne Conway, who is President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager, is going back to her home state of New Jersey to lead the Christmas parade celebration in honor of the upcoming holiday. Conway will be given the title of “grand marshal” at the holiday parade on Saturday in Hammonton, New Jersey. This also happens to be a location where Trump received more votes than Hillary Clinton in the election.

According to the Hammonton Fire Department, Conway grew up in Atco and later went to Hammonton to attend St. Joseph’s High School, where she graduated in 1985. Before leaving for Washington D.C. to attend college, Conway worked at the Indian Brand Blueberry Farms for many summers in order to save money. The city of Hammonton is going to honor Conway for her success by giving her a key to the city.

Ever since Conway took over as Trump’s campaign manager during the election season, she has gotten national attention and has even been spoofed on the comedy show “Saturday Night Live.” Kate McKinnon, who previously played Hillary Clinton in numerous comedy skits throughout the election, is now playing Conway. The most popular Conway skit is one where she has to go to CNN on her day off and explain the latest mean tweets that Trump has sent out.

The real Conway has been given a lot of credit for being the one who helped bring Trump his victory. She was noted for successfully influencing Trump not to tweet so much near the end of the election. That way, he wouldn’t tweet anything controversial that would lower his ranking in the polls. It was around this time that FBI Director James Comey made the announcement about reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, which caused her poll numbers to drop. Since Trump was able to lay low during those last few weeks because of Conway, this is believed to have helped get him over the finish line and win the election.

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