Two ISIS Bombings Kill At Least 25 People in Baghdad

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On Saturday, two bombings occurred in central Baghdad which resulted in the killing of at least twenty-five people. These bombings happened just as the city of Mosul was experiencing intensified battles on the ground. Iraqi government forces are still fighting with the jihadists who have taken over Mosul and they are doing their best to rid them from the city all together and restore peace there.

One of the two blasts were a suicide attack. Once the bombing went off, it destroyed a busy marketplace that was located in the Sinak neighborhood.  The Islamic State, or ISIS, has already taken responsibility for these bombings. According to a news agency that is pro-ISIS, they claimed the bombers were trying to kill Shiite Muslims because they are considered to be apostates.

ISIS is continuously launching bombings and other kinds of attacks throughout Baghdad, which is the capital of Iraq and one of the most fortified cities in the country. Despite ISIS’s aggressive attacks, they have already lost a lot of territory throughout west and north Iraq that they once seized back in 2014. Now Iraqi forces just have to recapture the city of Mosul. If they can do that, then ISIS will have very little influence in Iraq. However, this doesn’t mean that ISIS insurgents will give up conducting guerilla-style attacks throughout Iraq. They’re also expected to continue inspiring others to commit attacks in western countries like the United States.

The United States military has trained the Iraqi forces and have supplied them with weapons and other tools to help in their fight against ISIS. But although the ISIS militants are outnumbered, they have managed to shield themselves inside the homes of numerous residents in Mosul. This makes it harder for Iraqi forces to conduct attacks against the militants because they don’t want to risk hurting any of the Iraqi civilians.

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