Two Juveniles Arrested in Connection to the Fatal Shooting of Congressman’s Grandson

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On Friday evening, the grandson of United States Congressman Danny Davis was fatally shot in Chicago where they are both from. Two juvenile offenders have already been arrested in connection with the shooting. Their exact charges are currently pending, although the police are expecting murder charges to be filed against them.

The congressman’s grandson was 15-year-old Jovan Wilson. He was first reportedly shot in the head at his home in Englewood after a home invasion incident. The victim was said to have been arguing with the suspects over a pair of gym shoes that were in the victim’s home. The police said the two suspects forced themselves into Wilson’s home which led to a physical altercation and then gunshots from one of the suspects who had a gun.

However, Chicago police spokesman Officer Jose Estrada said on Sunday that there was no home invasion and that the suspects didn’t forcibly come into the home. Estrada couldn’t say for sure if the victim knew the suspects, but he does believe the suspects were invited into the home without breaking in. Then when they were inside the home, that’s when the altercation took place which eventually led to Wilson’s death. An investigation is still underway to verify if this is true or not.

The victim’s grandfather Danny Davis has represented Chicago as a Democratic congressman for nearly two decades now. Davis made a public statement about the incident in front of reporters and cited his grandson’s death as another example of why gun violence needs to be stopped. Davis questioned how the two suspects, ages 17 and 16, were able to get their hands on firearms in the first place. Davis said this could have been prevented with better parenting, better education, and supervised after school activities.

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