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Two Million People Expected at Times Square on New Year’s Eve

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Tens of thousands of people have gathered at Times Square on New Year’s Eve, anxiously awaiting the midnight hour so they can witness the giant ball drop and light up the “2017” sign. There are expected to be at least 7,000 police officers out to patrol this event. Some have bomb sniffing dogs and radiation detectors in order to ensure that no terrorist tries to hurt anyone at the event.

Authorities are expecting there to be as many as two million people gathered at Times Square by the time midnight strikes. They’ve already set up a ring of sand trucks around the people, with each truck weighing about 40 tons. The 7,000 police officers will also be circling the crowd and looking for any wrongdoers that may be lurking around.

When sunset occurred on New Year’s Eve, a stream of human beings could already be seen filling the V-shaped plaza of the square. They are filling the roads all along the avenues as they prepare to celebrate the new year. Organizers of the historic event have already passed out purple-and-gold top hats which read “2017” on them.

Police officers have herded people into temporary groups made up of a few hundred people each. This is there way of controlling the crowd and making sure that there aren’t too many people bunched together in one area. According to the official website of the event, if someone leaves their group to go on a bathroom break or for any other reason, then they will lose their spot in the group.

As people wait, there is musical entertainment already underway for them. Some of the live musical performances will be done by Gloria Estefan, Thomas Rhett, and Mariah Carey. President-elect Donald Trump, who lives in New York, is spending the New Year’s holiday in Florida.

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