West Virginian Mayor Resigns Amid Her Insulting Facebook Post About Michelle Obama

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Beverly Whaling, the now former mayor of Clay, West Virginia, had to resign from her mayoral position after replying to an insulting and racist comment on Facebook about First Lady Michelle Obama. Another county official involved in the social media discussion was ousted as well.

The situation all started when Pamela Taylor, who worked for the Clay County Development Corporation, posted a message on Facebook which was in response to Donald Trump winning the presidential election. Taylor wrote, “It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing an Ape in heels.”

When Whaling saw the comment on Facebook, she replied “Just made my day Pam.” Whaling and Taylor probably didn’t think much would come from this Facebook post, but it did. It didn’t take long for the Facebook post to go viral, causing huge backlash against the two county employees from others on the internet who were offended by the comments.

According to Clay County Commissioner Greg Fitzwater, Whaling did in fact resign from her position. However, he does not know if Taylor resigned from her position or if she was fired. Regardless, Taylor is no longer working at her position either. On Tuesday night, councilman Jason Hubbard condemned the Facebook post and called it “Horrible.” He then apologized to all those who were offended and asked that people don’t judge the Clay County community by the actions of just two people.

West Virginia was a state that voted overwhelming for Donald Trump in the presidential election. He received 68.7% of the vote in the state while Hillary Clinton only got 26.5%. Trump supporters are commonly being stereotyped as racists and this news about the Facebook post certainly doesn’t help disprove that stereotype.

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