Woman Pushed in Front of Train at Times Square Subway Station

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On Monday afternoon, a tragedy occurred at the Times Square Subway Station after a 46-year-old woman was pushed from the subway platform in front of a train as it was moving through the tunnel. The person who pushed her was a 30-year-old woman that got arrested soon after the incident took place. There were numerous witnesses on the train and on the subway platform who pointed out the suspect to police officers after they arrived. The woman is believed to be emotionally disturbed and she is also suspected of performing a similar attack on someone else about one month ago.

The Times Square Subway Station is one of the busiest transit stations in New York City. The incident caused a huge traffic disruption throughout the transit station which forced many of the trains to be diverted to different stations. The body of the victim got pinned underneath the train’s third car. Emergency workers needed time to carefully remove the body. It was truly a horrific incident which left many witnesses shaken.

Right now, there is surveillance footage of the subway platform that investigators are looking at. Based on the preliminary investigation, the victim did not appear to provoke the suspect in any way. Although it may seem like people could get killed easily in the subway, these types of incidents are actually very rare.

There are over 66 million people who ride the Times Square Subway System each year. In the last two decades, there have been less than a dozen cases involving people falling or getting pushed onto the subway tracks. Many of the cases involved mentally ill people pushing their victims onto the tracks, which is similar to this most recent incident. The moral of the story is to not stand too close to the edge of the subway platform while you’re waiting for a train to arrive.

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