YouTube Star Adam Saleh Claims Delta Kicked Him Off Flight for Speaking Arabic

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A YouTube star who likes to prank people claims that Delta Air Lines kicked him off a flight for speaking Arabic. Adam Saleh posted a message on his Twitter account where he claimed that Delta did this to him and his friend after they were speaking in Arabic to one another. Saleh is famous on YouTube for making videos where he conducts elaborate pranks on people.

Here was Saleh’s tweet: “We got kicked out of a @Delta airplane because I spoke Arabic to my mom on the phone and with my friend slim.”

Delta Air Lines reportedly investigated this situation and then responded to Saleh’s claim. Delta released a statement saying that the two customers who had been removed from the flight were causing a disruption in the cabin of the plane. Their behavior was very provocative and they were shouting all kinds of things. “This type of conduct is not welcome on any Delta flight,” according to a Delta statement released on Wednesday.

Delta also made reference to that fact that Saleh is a known prankster who gets encouraged by his friend to do pranks and act provocatively. Delta believes their behavior on the flight was just a result of them trying to record an entertaining video for their YouTube channel. When Saleh and his companion were removed from the plane, the other passengers reportedly clapped as he was being brought out.

Saleh got a mixture of reactions on social media. Some people were supporting him with kind words while others were against him. As for the passengers on the flight, there were reportedly 20 passengers who stated how uncomfortable they were on the flight. Delta rebooked their flights as a result.

When Saleh and his friend were taken off the flight, they were checked out by security and then were booked on another flight of another airline.

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