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Book your Affordable Party Bus Houston, Tx- Free 10 Criteria Guide

It’s not easy to choose the right party bus Houston, but I know what you’re thinking: only results matter. You want a cheap, affordable party bus or limo for a Houston prom, birthday, Sunday fun day or any other H-town event. One of our many areas of expertise, we’re going to show you the top 10 criteria you have to scrutinize before deciding which chauffeur company has the best service in the Bayou City. Number 7 will force your service providers to show you the respect you deserve, because when you ask them that question, they will think you are in the limo industry!

Of course, for the event goers and socialites of Houston, who looking forward to prom night, exclusive events, weddings, Quinceañeras or simply a fun night partying throughout the city, there is no better way to travel than to travel via limousine, party bus or stretch whatever.

If you have never used one before, here are some pretty cool reasons why you should select the right party bus or limo service. When executed correctly, they’’re:
1. Amazing for parking, as opposed to letting your car possibly get towed in a sketchy parking lot.
2. Definitely the best designated driver ever.
3. Good for organizing all of your friends in one space
4. Relatively cheap when splitting the cost
5. Very stylish and roomy

On the other hand, if you are not careful when it comes to certain party bus rental services, it might ruin the whole thing. A client focused and reputed party bus company in Houston provides clients numerous entertainment options, luxurious seating and lots of freedom. In comparison, a below average Houston limo Company operator would cause you to feel dissatisfied.

The Guide to rent your Party bus Houston, Tx

Hopefully, with a little bit of due diligence on your part, you can actually make certain you choose the best, most affordable party bus Houston. Allow us to have a look at the checklist you need to lay out before booking your next gig.

1. Think about how much you want to spend.

Try to find an affordable party bus or limo (which you have probably already done by coming to the page), but don’t let price be the sole factor. Then, list them out.

You need a fairly large list, because the fact is: there are a lot unlicensed operators inside the vehicle rental industry who thrive in Houston because of their low prices. However, while it may appear tempting to hire an inexpensive party bus or even a cheap service in Houston you’ll run the risk of completely ruining what is meant to be a memorable night (or day) for you and yours.


What are the risks of hiring inexperienced limo bus rentals who offer nothing besides their aggressive quotes?
a) Your bus or limousine will not arrive, or arrives late (late to the party)
b) An ancient trinket appears, as opposed to the shiny new party bus you saw displayed online
c) The chauffeur is shabbily dressed and doesn’t know his / her way around Houston
d) The limo or party bus breaks down in the center of the freeway and they do not have another arrangement to get you to the party or worse yet, back home.
e) Air conditioning sucks or doesn’’t come on at all- now you’’re pretty much riding in a sweat box
f) The music or TVs don’’t work and you’re riding in awkward silence

3. Book your party bus well in advance

Leaving the booking process to the final minute isn’t a wise idea, especially in a city like Houston. The rush for limousines and party buses is particularly hectic throughout the prom season or holidays. It’s only right to reserve early, so you don’t merely get to select the best party bus in Houston, but additionally, have them at competitive prices.

4. Insist on a Signed Contract

One of the several hallmarks of a reputed and reliable party bus or limo bus rental services, is that they offer contracts that detail their obligations and consequences for non-compliance. On the other hand, inexperienced rental companies could possibly be hesitant to provide a contract because they do not contain the confidence within their capacity to fulfill their commitment. Lacking a signed contract means that you do not possess firm legal remedy available, in case the service ceases to meet their obligations, or fails to provide the service that has been decided upon.

5. Inspect the party bus before you decide to book it

Plenty of unscrupulous services are only here to make a quick buck, misleading the clients by posting images of new styles of party buses and limos on his or her websites. In order to exclude the prospect of an unpleasant surprise when a vintage model rolls up at your doorstep, we advise you to look at the limos and party buses in person.

A lot of Houston party bus rental companies also exaggerate the quantity of people that can be accommodated. While a bus may claim to seat 15 or 20 or 40 people, it is usually not the case. Checking out the vehicle in person rules out such eleventh hour hassles.

6. Look into the insurance and other permits

This might be nit-picky, but it’s actually mandatory to be insured. In case your party bus rental company cannot produce documentary evidence of such insurance then it is likely they are operating in violation of law.

7. Inquire about memberships to industry associations

One of the best strategies to separate a trusted rental company from the rest is through membership to nationwide industry associations, such as the National Limousine Association. The criteria for membership to such national associations are stringent, since companies must meet a number of safety, commercial and regulatory marks- as well as other legal qualifications. Because of this, only seasoned companies that have built their reputation over the years can qualify.

8. Check for MC and DOT issued numbers

When you book the party bus for prom, or a Quinceañera in Houston, you need to ask the organization to replicate their MC and DOT issued number to the vehicle. MC and DOT numbers go a long way in establishing the credentials of a company; it means that these services conform to various safety codes and operations. In addition, MC number means that the organization contains the right permit to cross state lines.

9. Ask about the breakdown of the price of any Party Bus Houston.

Lots of Houston companies have their own specific packages that come bundled with add-on services besides the ride itself. For example, although some rental companies permit you to bring your own food and drinks, others may not allow the same- or will insist on charging you separately for that. Therefore, it would be wise for you to find out how much will a celebration bus for and whether or not this includes food and beverages. A breakdown of party bus prices gives you an accurate idea of what to anticipate in terms of drinks and food within your ride. Obviously, the same can go for other things, like entertainment, the number of stops you can make, GAS, etc.

10. Generally look for referrals and reviews

Obviously, reviews are everything when it comes to service. Scour the Internet for reviews about the company. If other people in Houston are in love with them, then you probably will too.

As a former owner of a party bus company, if you feel like you have an idea of who to go with, list the service in the comments below and we’ll vet the company even further. We’ll be coming up with a comprehensive Houston Party Bus Company list- because that’’s the Poyint. If you feel a lit bit ahead of the curve now, you’re welcome- book your party bus Houston with confidence!