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The “Never Wrong” Professor Allan Lichtman Predicts Trump Victory

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There is no doubt that this presidential election season has been the strangest and most unique one ever in U.S. history. Many media analysts and political commentators are having trouble determining whether Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump or Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will win the general election on November 8th. After all, many of these so-called political experts predicted that Trump wouldn’t even win the primary election, and then he ended up getting a record number of voters to turn out for him. Could he do the same thing this time around in the general election?

Professor Allan Lichtman, a teacher at American University located in Washington, D.C., has predicted that Donald Trump will win the election in November. So why does his prediction matter? Well, it matters because Lichtman has predicted the outcomes of presidential elections for the past 30 years and has always been right. Since 1984, he’s been able to accurately predict the outcome of every general election based on a system that analyzes thirteen true and false statements about the incumbent party nominee. The more “true” answers there are for the statements, the more likely the incumbent party will keep control of the White House. But if there are more “false” statements, then the other party will win.

For example, one statement is “the current president is the incumbent candidate.” That is “false” because President Barack Obama is not running for reelection. Another statement is “the candidate of the challenging party is not charismatic.” This is also “false” because Donald Trump is charismatic. In fact, he’s more charismatic than the incumbent party nominee Hillary Clinton. With all of these “false” responses, this prediction system shows that Donald Trump will win the presidency. Of course, this particular election season is not like any other so perhaps it will throw off the prediction system during this time around. We shall see.

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