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Wanted: A Better Choice, Apply Within

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audiencesickDoes anyone else feel that Donald Trump fared better this time?  He dealt with several issues before hopping off the preparation plan at about the 17 minute mark.  Both candidates handled the Supreme Court Justice vacancy issue well and it really depends on which side of the fence you stand on with Gun Control (2nd Amendment) and Rowe -v- Wade (abortion) as to whose answer was more impressive.

Part of the question to the candidates was what SCOTUS interpretations of the Constitution they endorsed, traditional or mitigated to the current population (progressive).  Donald Trump towed the line of the GOP and the definitive answer of “what our founding fathers intended” left me a little disturbed.  Hillary Clinton didn’t answer this ideally either, perhaps giving too much sway to the public at large; that seemed like giving the loudest and largest dog the last snack treat when your whole campaign has been focused on the lesser needing pieces of the treat too.  I know that the founding fathers had guns that could only shoot one bullet at a time, and that all documentation in the world won’t prevent guns in general from surfacing in the hands of the under qualified – but practical and federally mandated screening might help in preventing more tragedy than what we’ve come to expect.

On abortion, I don’t buy the Trump drama about the crime of a late third trimester abortion, or even an early third trimester abortion.  Our medical technology has progressed enough to minimize the occurrence of those situations in a proper American clinic or hospital with the smallest shred of pre-natal care.  Neo-natal care and general life-saving techniques have advanced since the passage of Roe -v- Wade.  I side with Hillary Clinton in that it is not government’s right to invade any medical decisions of the individual unless they are disputed by the acting medical practitioners.

Immigration provided a Trump pump, he’s fully endorsed by ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) and that’s the first time.  The ICE organization was formed under the Department of Homeland Security and wasn’t formed officially until 2009 (Obama’s first term).  They didn’t endorse anyone in for decision 2012 because of their own internal organization issues, elements of DEA, border security, and several other were merged into this organization.  Clinton’s open border stance is abiding by the traditional Constitution and she explained the conditions of immigrant qualifications that she saw necessary.  One is a wall of paper, the other is brick and mortar and billable to someone else who hasn’t agreed.


There is equal threat to the deficit and a realistic unlikelihood of overall tax modification in both budget plans, as both propose to increase spending to increase productivity.  The problem with taxes is that the bulk of American’s see gross and net in their paycheck and assume the difference is all TAX; in both proposed plans, the standard income for a low to middle income person will result in a plus of X, with a minus of N.  The ultimate trickle down will either be X-N per pay period or {(X-N)*(% tax bracket)} – 1 if the steroid plan is taken.

Both candidates dodged bullets and deflected issues, and got their digs in at one another in their relative styles.  Neither has my complete trust, but I don’t trust my bank’s representatives or their software either.  I don’t trust how my clicking on a heart symbol on a debate feedback comment brought a wave of emails from new sources.

Mr. Trump brought up two great historic names General Douglas MacArthur and General George Patton, winners of great World War II campaigns that were besieged by controversy;  I think he likens himself to these guys and apparent unfairness of their post victory lives.   I carried the “old soldiers never die” image up to Trump’s refusal to answer whether he would accept the results of the election or not.  His response sounded like a chiding threat to the flow of the country in a world where America’s decisions are leaking and lacking and stalled by waiting for the days after November 8.  Either he is elected to office or everyone can be prepared for relentless heckling and “I told you so’s.”

Funny that the election will ultimately spin on who the American people see as more of an adult.